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It’s winter! Outside is snowing. Children are very happy because outside is beautiful . Some children are making a snowmen and others are sleighing through the snow. The Christmas is coming and we are all preparing for it . The trees are charged with snow and look like silver trees . ...

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It’s  winter!  Outside  is  snowing. Children   are very  happy  because  outside   is   beautiful  .    Some  children   are making  a  snowmen   and  others   are  sleighing   through the snow.  The  Christmas  is coming   and  we are all preparing for it .  The  trees  are  charged  with  snow   and  look  like silver  trees  . The snowflakes  are  big .   Me, Giovanna  and   Mary   are going to make  a  big  snowman . We  are waiting for  Santa  Clause , who   is  coming with  many   presents . Mothers  are making  food  for Christmas  . Neighbours disect  the  pigs .Christmas  is  expected   very  much  by  children  because  they  like  singing  carols  .  The snow  is  very  big  .  Some boys  are going   with their  fathers  to buy Christmas trees  .  All  mothers   are  with their girls   buying  balls  ,  garlands  and  other  objects   to decorate the Christmas tree and  make food .  The wonderful   Chirstmas  is  coming  .

Winter  is  a  beautyful  season!

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