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(to) be was/were been a fi
(to) begin began begun a incepe
(to) bet bet bet a paria
(to) blow blew lown a sulfa

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(to) be                          was/were                       been                                   a fi

(to) begin                     began                            begun                                 a incepe

(to) bet                         bet                                 bet                                      a paria

(to) blow                      blew                               lown                                   a sulfa

(to) break                    broke                             broken                               a sparge

(to) bring                     brought                         brought                              a aduce

(to) build                     built                               built                                    a construe

(to) buy                        buoght                           bought                                a cumpara

(to) choose                   chose                              chosen                                a alege

(to) come                      came                               come                                  a veni

(to) cost                        cost                                 cost                                     a costa

(to) cut                          cut                                  cut                                      a taia

(to) do                           did                                  done                                   a face

(to) draw                       drew                               drawn                                a desena

(to) drink                      drank                              drunk                                a bea

(to) drive                       drove                              driven                                a conduce

(to) eat                           ate                                   eaten                                 a manca

(to) fall                           fell                                   falien                                a cadea

(to) feed                         fed                                   fed                                     a hrani

(to) feet                          felt                                   felt                                    a (se) simti

(to) find                         found                               found                                a gasi

(to) fly                           flew                                  flown                                 a zbura

(to) forget                     forgot                               forgotten                           a uita

(to) get                          got                                    got                                      a obtine

(to) give                         gave                                 given                                  a da

(to) go                            went                                 gone                                   a merge 

(to) have                        had                                   had                                     a avea

(to) hear                        heard                                heard                                 a auzi

(to) hit                           hit                                      hit                                 a lovi,a nimeri

(to)hold                         held                                   held                                    a tine

(to) hulrt                       hurt                                   hurt                                a rani,durea

(to) keep                        kept                                   kept                              a tine,a pastra

(to) know                       knew                                 known                       a cunoasta, a sti

(to) leave                       left                                     left                                      a pleca

(to) light                        lit                                       lit                                        a aprinde

(to) lose                         lost                                    lost                                      a pierde

(to) make                       made                               made                                    a face

(to) mean                       meant                              meant                   a insemna,a intelege

(to) meet                        met                                   met                                     a intalni

(to) pay                          paid                                  paid                                    a plati

(to) put                           put                                   put                                      a pune

(to) read                         read                                 read                                    a citi

(to) retell                        retold                              retold                        a reda, a relata

(to) ride a bike              rode                             ridden    a calatori, a marge cu bicicleta

(to) ring                         rang                                 rung                                    a suna

(to) run                           ran                                   run                                    a alerga

(to) say                           said                                  said                                    a supune

(to) see                            saw                                  seen                                   a vedea

(to) send                         sent                                  sent                                    a trimite

(to) shake                       shook                               shaken                 a scutura,a tremura

(to) show                        showed                            shown                                 a arata

(to) sing                          sang                                 sung                                    a canta 

(to) sink                          sank                                 sunk                             a (se) scufunda

(to) sit                             sat                                     sat                              a sta, a se aseza

(to) sleep                         slept                                 slept                                   a dormi

(to) speak                       spoke                               spoken                                a vorbi

(to) stand                        stood                                stood                                   a sta

(to) steal                         stole                                  stolen                                  a fura

(to) stick                         stuck                                 stuck                                   a lipi

(to) sting                         stung                                 stung                                   a intepa

(to) swim                         swam                                swum                                  a inota

(to) take                          took                                   taken                                  a lua

(to) teach                         taught                               taught                 a invata(pe cineva)

(to) tell                              told                                   told                      a spune, a povesti

(to) think                         thought                             thought               a gandi,a crede

(to) throw                        threw                                 thrown                              a arunca

(to) understand               understood                       understood                       a intelege

(to) wake up                    woke up                            woke up                          a (se) trezi

(to) wear                           wore                                  worn                                  a purta

(to) win                              won                                   won                                    a castiga

(to) write                           wrote                                 written                               a scrie

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