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Mobile phones: a real human problem

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Everyone has a mobile phone. When each of us buys a mobile phone, firstly he thinks: “I won’t have problems anymore , I will save my time thanks to a simple call that will make me know where my child is, where or with whom my husband or my boyfriend is and if my daughter is okay after a long trip from Boston to Chicago…”One of the advantages of the mobile phone is that it has a convenient size, is easy to use and has a list of functions that you need...

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Essay in English:






Realized by:  ALINA STETIUC       

XI form, high school 






Everyone has a mobile phone. When each of us buys  a mobile phone, firstly  he thinks: “I won’t have  problems anymore , I will save my time     thanks to a  simple call   that  will make  me know  where my child  is, where or with whom  my husband or my boyfriend  is and if my  daughter is okay after a long  trip from Boston to Chicago…”One of the advantages  of  the mobile phone is  that it has a convenient size, is easy  to use and has a list of functions  that  you need. The main    advantage  of mobile phone  is that you can  find  the person you need  very quickly without  going  somewhere to call him/her. The   mobile phone    gives  you the biggest percentage of   intimacy, it means that nobody will know  who is calling you, what kind of   message you received  or  with whom you flirted last time. It’s discreet   and personal. You can   call, you can send a message whenever or wherever you are, in the bus, in the shop, at work,   during  an important  meeting with your clients. The mobile   phone   is a way to express  your feelings without having  terrible emotions  like in some    tete –a -tete  situation with your boyfriend, your husband, you mother maybe. Just simple   symbols   from the text-messaging  language  can  bring  you a lot of information. Also, your  mobile phone can substitute the time when you’re  bored  with the interesting and useful one, for example if your    mobile  has a radio  you can listen music in the bus or the last news or the last hits. A  camera  in the  mobile phone  can help you when you don’t  have the usual one with you, but you have met an old friend  and  you want to take a picture with   him. Another  point  in   favor   of mobile phones  is that you may need sometimes  an alarm, a calculator, a  voice  recorder, games for entertainment and a calendar. In a survey  of mobile-phones   44% said that text  messaging  meant  that they are  told their  partner  they loved  them more   often, 53%  used it  to  apologize   after   quarrels,   and 64 %  said that text massages  are good  way to flirt with people they’d like to know better. People use mobile phones to communicate in night-clubs where the music  is to loud to talk . It’s  discreet and cheap, it’s personal and faster to solve you  problems, you can send or receive a message on a bus, in a meeting or in class during the lesson and nobody will know this!!!!!

 All these  things are positive but  which  are the negative  aspects of our mobile phones???  Personally,  I think that the mobile  phone    is the most dangerous  enemy    for my health, because it gives a great dose of radiation while dialing. The   consequences  of  the atmosphere  pollution  can be noticed before 20—50 years, but  the consequences  of using  the mobile    every day just for chatting   10 minutes  can be a serious  reason for getting cancer in no more that 10 or 15 years!!! The science   proved that in the egg’s experience!! An egg between two mobile phones  dialing 24 hours  without  pausing  boiled the egg.

Unfortunately, people doesn’t   realize   that their health   is the most important thing they have and because of the  new-high technology    they  can  loose it and will  be too much late to change something.   


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