Legs and the cow



There was a girl. Her name was Legs. She had big lips, big eyes, short hair and she was very tall. She hadn’t family and friends.

            One night, while she was walking on the plain alone she saw a cow, then she shouted ti it:

            “Hey! Do you want to be my friend?”

            And the cow said:

            “Moo! Yes because I haven’t any friends…I’m so sad!”

            “Me too! I really need a friend, a good friend, a true friend and I think you’ll be my best friend.”

            From that moment they became the best friends in the world.

            To celebrate their friendship after a year they came to the plain again and they took a photo.

            “Cow, do you love me? As a friend, of course.” Said Legs.

            “You’re my best friend, I love you!”answered the cow.

            “Do you remember the 31st april?”

            “I can’t forget that day: we went to Hollywood, we made a tattoo, we met Johnny Depp, we ate the best ice-cream…”


            While Legs was starring  at the sky she heard:


            “Cow! Where are you?!Coooooow!!!!”

            Then she saw a big UFO like a plate with many lights. It took the cow. Legs was so surprised, so shocked that she didn’t understand what’s heapening. She was crying.

            She  looked at the photo and said:

            “I will find you, cow. I promise!” and then she fell asleep on the ground.

            When Legs woke up she saw the cow, but it was dead.

            The winter came. Legs had no roof over her head, no water, no food and, the worst thing, she had no friends. She decided to revenge the cow.

            Legs went on the plain again and waited one mounth.Then she saw the same UFO.She hanged on and she went to the moon.

            There was a lot of cheese.legs stopped her hunger with it.

            One day she saw an alien and she asked:

            “Why did you kill my firnd, the cow?!”

            “I don’t know what are you talking about! We killed many cows.”

            Legs gave it the picture.

            “That cow?!” it was scared.”Sorry, but it was hunted by an alien and she was suffering”

            “And what’s the matter? It had me!”

            “Don’t you understand? It was crazy and maybe you took the illness from it. Let me check you.”

            Legs was diagnosticated with crazyness. When she heard that she needs to die she ran away. The alins were running after her all the time.

            Legs found a black place there. It wasn’t made of cheese. It was mare of arsenic. She ate it every day, ten days. She was feeling worse every day and the aliens didn’t find her. They forgot all about her.

            She was raving and she saw the cow who said:

            “I’m here with you all the time! I’m your best friend!”

            Legs was crying. She looked at the picture and she said:

            “Do you want to be my friend?” than she died.

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