My Ideal Dinner

My ideal dinner would include Italian entrées, Japanese appetizer’s, and French desserts, a very international selection of food. I would incorporate a very international based meal because I would like to taste something new and different, originating from the other parts of the world. The scent of the food would be very pleasant, and the taste superb. Let alone the taste, aroma, and origin of the food, the place where I eat my food and the overall mood would also be considered.

First of all, where I would prefer to be situated while I eat the perfect dinner is significant to me. I would be reminiscent of eating my meal in a newly decorated dining room with a very open and fresh feel to it, where I see bronze and gold murals adorning the walls. My ears ought to hear jazz music playing in the distance. The room would have a delicate yet enduring scent. The overall mood and effect would be very comfortable.

I would start off with a very palatable Italian entrée; lightly fried white chicken breasts drizzled with Fontana cheese, feeling the touch of hot smooth melting cheese on my hands. The lingering aroma of pungent Pork Loin Alla Grille, grilled pork loin topped with peppers, onions, eggplant and plum tomatoes would make me contented. Moist and flavourful it being, it would be a fine end to my entrees.

The appetizer of my choice would be Samurai chicken soup within noodles, sautéed vegetables, specially seasoned steam rice, and a hot steaming generous portion of Teppan shrimp. Alongside my appetizer would be green salad seasoned by a ginger dressing. I would then move into Hibachi Chicken and Teriyaki Steak, both dishes being tender, perfectly spiced, and releasing an overpowering scent. By the end of my appetizers I would be packed most certainly, yet still would like to sample some sweet French desserts.

Coconut cake, this moist, rich cake, piled high with fluffy white frosting and shredded coconut would be one homey dessert to end a perfect meal. A huge piece of dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate icing and sitting alongside with two little scoops of vanilla ice cream and dribbled all over and around are thin streams of caramel and fudge sauce, would top off the make end the ideal meal.

Cele mai ok referate!