Architecture was very important and functional for the Romans. The Romans connected architecture with everything. They had very complex aqueducts that helped their civilization to grow and beautiful buildings to attract the people and to send an image.


Part 1


    I agree with the statement. If architecture would not be important then people wouldn’t have so many facilities and they would live like hunter-gathers. The Romans thought about architecture like something that people need. The Roman architecture was not just simply functional to them. It had wider purposes.

    The Romans built many non-functional things, for example all the big statues in Rome. Many buildings and decorative fountains were built in Rome for the benefits of all the people. If people would like to buy a house near a place that there are many decorative fountains and beautiful statues, than I think they would have to pay much more taxes. Roman architecture was not only built for the happiness of the civilization and for collecting taxes. All the huge and beautiful buildings that were built in Rome were to send an image to the other countries in the world that they are strong and powerful and Rome would be know in the hole world. Romans showed by its architecture that they are strong and the other countries should be afraid of them. In that time Rome was the center of the world.


The Colosseum

    The Colosseum was build for games, shows and especially for battles with gladiators and wild animals. It was build for entertainment, but the entertainment that was back then, now we call it murder. The purpose of the Colosseum was to make the civilization happy and to make the criminals to pay for what they did by fighting while one of them dies and also to send an image to the other countries around the world. People from all over the Roman world would come to the Colosseum to watch shows and especially fights with the gladiators and wild animals. There were many wild animal fights against a gladiator. When there were fights with gladiators on death people would gamble on their favorite gladiator. I thing, that almost all the things that were build in the great square of the collosseum were non-fictional. For example the huge fountain which is called Meta Sudan. This huge fountain is veneered in marble and it has beautiful statues on it. The Arch of Constantine is non-fictional and it has non-fictional factors on it, for example the sculpted statues that are on the sides of the Arch of Constantine. In 312 AD after years of civil war Constantine and his army won the war against the army of Maxentius at the battle of Milvian Bridge. After three years the senates ordered to be build an arch dedicated to Constantine for the victory of the civil war.


Part 3


Architectural ideas and techniques

that still exists today.


    The huge buildings with arches were first thought by the Romans. For example the Romania athenaeum has big columned and arches in front. The Romans first invented aqueducts and we still use aqueducts today. Romans had a system of under floor heating, we also have under floor heating in these today. Today we use the same technique of building a bridge. Usually the bridges are built on more arches, and that is the same as the Romans built the bridges. The technique that the Romans had to build roads was that underneath they would put heavy stones and on the top they would put stones sculpted like triangles with cement. Today to some roads on the mountain we also put heavy stones underneath and than we put the cement.


    The Romans had the best engineers in the world. They wanted to send an image against the other countries that they are the best, for example the Colosseum. The Colosseum was not only for the happiness of the people, it was also to send an image to the other countries. For the Romans, architecture was very important because they need it to survive, for example the aqueducts. They built very strong roads and bridges with the help of the arches. The Romans were very smart people because they even had under-floor heating.   

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