Hi Paul,



        I really meant to write to you as soon as I got here, but I was very busy sightseeing as you can imagine. I have hardly had five hours of sleep since I arrived here, but it’s worth it.

New York is even more beautiful than I thought. I am having the holiday of my life!

I am staying in a magnificent youth hostel which is in Manhattan, the most popular zone of NY. There are lots of young people from all over the world here, and we made friends with most of them. We were lucky with the weather so far…since the day we got here we had only sunny days and clear sky at night. I have already seen the main sights, some of them even twice. I can tell you I liked the Statue of liberty a lot and I learned a lot of things about it I thought that the statue isn’t that big, but when I saw it I was stunned, it is 71 meters high.

After we saw the Statue of Liberty, the guide showed us the O.N.U building which is reflecting its parallelepiped shape in the water of East River. Since 1952 the tourists were allowed to visit the building, and since than, 1.000 people visit it daily.

In New York City, even the bridges are astounding, supple and fascinating buildings each of them with their own architectural stile but the most known bridges are those that cross the East River and Hudson. At night they are lighten up like giant torches which shine in the crystal clear water of the rivers creating a wonderful sight.

New York is competing with Paris as a city of culture and entertainment. AT the Metropolitan Museum I saw an impressive collection of universal art. Museum of Modern Art annually gets 9 million visitors. One of the rooms in this museum contains wonderful sculptures of our great artist Constantin Brancusi.

After we saw these great museums we had to go to Madison Square Garden to a country music concert. Near Madison Square Garden lies Central Park-the biggest park in the city contains a huge natural lake that is the water supply for the whole city, near that lake there is a museum of natural history and a zoo. The entry in the park through Fifth Avenue is guarded by wonderful horses and their owners that wait for tourists that want to make the tour of the park.

One of the most elegant buildings that we could visit is the Empire State Building which lies in Manhattan. It is 449 meters high and this year it celebrates 7 decades of existence.

Another point of attraction for any tourist would’ve been the World Trade Center(WTC), the great buildings of the American People, but unfortunately, New York and the whole US had to go through a horrible day marked by the collapse of the Twin Towers following some cruel terrorist attacks on the 11th of September 2001. Along with the loss of thousand human lives, still remains the regret of the collapsing of the Twins. I would tell you more about the places that I have visited this week but I have to go meet some friends in ten minutes. So that will be all for now. I’ll be in touch. Take care and send my regards to the others.





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