The least enjoyable job you have ever had
Raytcho Diankov

Gaining experience is very useful exercise and often is quite funny. It’s not a bad idea to work several different kinds of jobs before choosing your favorite or better to say more suitable for you. People said ‘All in good time’ and my conversion wasn’t that funny. Everybody knows how difficult is to change the job you are experienced in, with new one, even to make your life more interesting or just because you haven’t got much choice.
My least enjoyable job-experience connected to the ‘money-needs’ cases. I was a student and I badly needed money to support my studying. You can imagine the difficulties I had to turn my clerk mind into a waiter. Despite being a lively and energetic person, trying to taste many jobs I was utterly surprised how heavy and unthankful waiter’s one could be.
I had found the position advertised in a daily newspaper, picked up the telephone and I began to brink over/reassure the lady on the other end what a great and experienced waiter I am.
My first day as a waiter was a week later and soon after the beginning my delight turned into nightmare. There were a lot of people shouting at me orders, insisting their meal to be brought first, asking for cutlery or glassware and so on. In addition I had to lay the tables and clean them afterwards. I clearly remembered how strange and unfamiliar for me was to arrange knives, forks, plates and other things on the table ready for the next customer with speed more common for fast-food shops then in upper class restaurant. Many times I dropped the cutlery while I was running to and fro the kitchen. There were some unpleasant crashes with other ‘long distance runners’ dressed in black and white. After fortnight my enthusiasm came to zero and I gave up the job.
However, I’ve got knowledge, which I consider as very useful and now I find this experience, rather funny. The hard time I had during those two weeks show me the work I cannot be happy with. Afterwards I’ve never looked down on waiters and other catering staff. And I’m quite happy with my present job.

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