The mankind liked the sound of the music and the twitter of the birds, from the beginning. By the time the music has been develop, so in this state appeared many people with great talent beginning with Orpheus, and finishing with Luciano Pavarotti (born 1935, Italian operatic tenor) or George Gershwin (1898-1937, U.S. composer in whose works the frontiers between classical and light music spontaneously and naturally disappear). That’s the reason why all the civilizations gave a big attention to the musical education. Around the music was borne a fantastic world of popular legends, with fabulous creatures and people.
In Greek mythology the music was embodied in Euterpe (in classical myth the Muse of music and Lyric poetry, daughter of Zeus). The Greek and Roman mythology remembered in songs about Faunas an ancient woodland deity, (identified with the Greek god Pan) who was playing at the panpipes and the forest’s nymphs were dancing around him. In our mythology persist a few of the legendary characters. So near Orpheus and Pan, appears Peacock hunk, which animates the forest playing at the whistle or leaf.     
If the kings loved the music played (automatically all the kingdom have to like the music) by the pilgrims, now everyone’s opinions were divided.
But music isn’t all the same, so; from this reason the singers aren’t the same. Every vocalist has his music stile; through he shows his thoughts, his feelings and his opinions about some people or things.
Greats compositors like Joseph Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven represent the good music.
The Austrian composer Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) is “the father” of symphony. In time he was composer and conductor at the court of a Magyar nobleman. Afterwards, he is settling at Vienna (the capital of Austria, in the NE part, on the Danube), city who attracted many musicians. He knew the glory to the end of his life. His creations had an impressive number of symphonies. Truthfulness, humor and love for nature are incorporated in Haydn’s music.
The Austrian composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is one of the greatest creators in music histories. He was born at Strasbourg (a city in NE France, near the Rhine) in the summer of 1756. The first guidance are received from his father how was violoncellist and composer. Wonder-boy, Mozart is writing his first composition at four years old. Thought he lived only 35 years, he had created many masterpieces in all music kind: sonata, philharmonic, operas, concert.
Amadeus died at Vienna in 1791, berried in pours hall.
Another great compositor was the German Ludwig van Beethoven (Bonn, 1770-Vienna, 1827) over named “The Titanic” because his music expressed a stirred force. Beethoven defies the savage destiny for a musician: at 29 years old he remains deaf. But he doesn’t give up, in this time Ludwig mannish to compose magnificent operas. The symphonies, philharmonics, vocal- symphonies, opera “Fidelino”, and plenty others, are immortal operas of his genius.
But music didn’t stop here. In centuries XIX-XX appeared new kind of music like: rock en roll, heavy metal, blues, hip-hop, house, etc. Every new appear have an influence over the people, either on their clothes or on their comportment.
Anyway, the music makes the people feel good, she is relaxing, makes you remember some good memories, and gives you a state of dream. If the music didn’t exist, maybe the human raze will be despaired.

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