Santa Claus is coming to town...so many wishes to fulfill, so many inpatients children waiting their gifts and a lot of joy...this is Christmas. During the life the way that one see the Christmas changes but this holiday remains joy’s holiday when a day, each year everybody forgets problems and opens the heart to let happiness and peace inside.

  I will always remember  each Christmas day...the magic of Christmas carol whispered through the branch of Christmas tree, candles burning under windows covered with snow, frozen air outside and warmth inside, all around enveloped in flavor, the sweet smell of oranges, cookies, Christmas tree...smell of peace.

  When I was a child Christmas day was each time magic for me. When I woke up in the morning I felt like I’d have live a fairytale because everything around me was somehow different. It made me a great pleasure to dress up quickly and go out to smell the flavor of the softer snow I’d seen before. I was very inpatient to meet my friend and go together to make Christmas wishes and sing Christmas carol for our neighbors. Of course these Christmas Wishes weren’t for free and people gave us candies, oranges, Christmas knock-shaped loaf or money but everybody was happy to receive wishes from us because they say wishes bring health and happiness to all family for next year. Even though everything was frozen outside we never give up going and making wishes due to cold, because we felt the warmth inside our souls. We finished that only in the Christmas evening, when everybody returned at home for wait Santa. Happiness could be read on our faces and inside eyes when we shared our little “fortune” that we had collected during the day.

  Back home, that happiness was soon forgotten because Santa Clause was to appear. I strongly believed in Santa magic power so that he never forgot me. I can still remember each gift I received from Santa, but the most amazing one was a beautiful blonde doll that I had dreamt long time before. Happiness was completed because Santa himself give me the doll and I could touch him and ensure he is trues not only a story.

  Now, that I grew up, Santa don’t come personally to give me gifts but, each Christmas Evening I can still find a gift under Christmas tree and still can fell the magic and happiness.

  I am not a child anymore but still I can feel the magic of Christmas. This magic comes from traditions and customs that are respected in my country and inside my family. There are beautiful traditions that make Christmas really a holiday and opportunity to wonder. Christmas bring family together and distances between people are easily forgotten. Christmas merry can be felt by everybody don’t matter where he/she is bringing peace and warmth into people’s souls.

  At each age Christmas is wonderful. During the time people changes but Christmas bring tea same emotions and feelings, filling up souls with peace.

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