Moldova and Chisinau


Chisinau- the capital of Moldova is more than 500 years old. The first settlement under this name dates as far back as 1466. But the first mentioning of Chisinau as a city refers to 1666.It is situated on the hills and terraces of the Byck river valley , as the history of the city says, and occupies about 200 sq.kilometers. In spite of its old age it is young and beautiful.I was born in Chisinau . Its  my native town  and I love  it very much. I live in the centre of it. Its  one of the most beautiful parts of the city, though there are other nice places in it,too.If  I were a guide, I would like to show you my city. Id begin with the so-called Gates of the city. If one arrives in Chisinau by air they would go into the city from the airport, passing by the Gates. There is another starting  point of the city tour. It’s the railway station-a traditional gateway which one cannot help passing through. It was  built in 1948. According to the project  the railway station and the adjoining square got its modern appearance in 1958. It has been reconstructed several times since that time.From station, with its endless moving to-and-frotrolley-buses,buses, and taxies, you fall under the spell of many-storeyed, whitestone buildings.A little farther a long you find  yourselves before  a modern  hotel, “Cosmos”, where a lot of visitors to Chisinaustay , and a large supermarket “ Grand Hall”, where you can buy almost everything you wish. From  there one can go up Negrutsi Boulevard as far as the building  of the Academy of Sciences. There are two more hotels the “National” and the “Chisinau”. The city is criss-crossed by many avenues,streets and boulevards. Almost all of them got their new national names after Indepedence day in 1991. The longest of them bears the name of Stefan cel Mare. It stretches from south to north  almost five kilometers, dividing the city into two parts. There  are some buildings made by architect A.Bernardazzi in it.In the middle of the street, downtown, one can see a wide square named the Great National Assembly with an old arch against the background of a large park to the right. To the left one can see the building which people call just for fun the white house ehere most Ministries of Moldova can be found and visited.0In the middle of the street, to the left, you can see the monument to the Moldovan  ruler Stefan III, who ruled over Moldova from 1457 till 1504 . Under his leadership many victories over the Turks and the Tatarshad been won. For this people named him the  Great .A.Plamadeala is the sculptor of this monument. The monument is set up against the backgroundof a beautiful park .One can see Alley of Classical authors in it. Not far from the park one can see the building of Parliament of Moldova with a three-colour flag  on top  of it.Chisinau is a wonderful city because there is a  beautiful lake almost in its centre. People  from all parts  of Moldova like  to spend their spare time on the banks of the lake and the place around it .”Valea  Morilor” is one of the best and favourite  places to have a rest  in the capital. The city is the countrys political , cultural, educational, entertainment, and  trade centre. There are a lot of foreign embassies  and foreign  firms, banks and offies in Chisinau. People make the  city better and more beautiful day by day and keep its traditions . Tourists coming to Chisinau admire the beauty of the capital and call it “green”.Eugen Doga, Moldova”s renowned composter, calls it “ my white city” in his song devoted to Chisinau.     

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