Weather Forecast


            And now here’s the weather forecast for tomorrow in Britian and Irland.

            In South Britian, that means England and The Wales, the weather will be sunny and warm tomorrow morning, except the south-east part of England, where it can even rain.

            Despite the sunny weather, in The Wales and a small part of England the cold winds won’t disappear not even tomorrow. The temperatures will hardly reach 3-4 degrees and we can expect to rain or even snow in the evening. There will be 2-3 degrees at Cardif.

            On the other hand, in the rest of England, the weather will be very warm for this time in winter. The temperatures can reach 7-8 degrees in the afternoon and there will be no winds. In the evening the clouds will cover the most of England, but it won’t rain. Even with the clouds, the temperatures won’t fall below zero degrees at night. We can expect temperatures of 6-7 degrees at London. At Brighton the temperature will be somewhere around 3 or 4 degrees, with cloudly sky and some weak winds.

            If in the South Britian the weather will be very warm and sunny, we can’t say the same thing about the north part of Britian. Here the sky will be covered by black clouds and it will snow all day tomorrow. In the northest part we can expect very low temperatures and even thunders and lightings. The weather at Glasgow will be foggy and the temperatures won’t grow above zero degrees.

            In Irland the weather will be calm and sunny tomorrow. The temperatures will grow until the afternoon, when they can reach 5-6 degrees in the south part. At Belfast (Northern Irland) the temperatures will be a little lower than the rest of the teritory, because it is closer to the North Britian, where the weather is colder because of the ocean. In the evening we can expect small storms in some regions near Belfast. At Dublin the weather will be warm and sunny with temperatures that can reach 4-5 degrees.

            In the rest of Europe the weather will be sunny too, but in the evening the sky will be covered with clouds. We can expect to rain in some regions, but only for short periods of time.

            I am Buda Radu. Thank you for watching the weather forecast. Stay tooned !!!


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