Summer . the heat was unbearable even in a mountain city like Brasov. Days are so hot and you’re trying to run from the sun and in the evening (nights) you just can wait to get in the top of a mountain or on the top of a roof or in a park with your friends just to get some cold air .Interesting …. Today seems to be a different day. Outside it’s a little bit more cold than yesterday.

As I was laying on the roof with my cousin from BV, looking at he sky and at he shining stars witch looked like small pearls , we were talking about how people can change and how our world changed over the centuries and over the few years. Suddenly she said :

“ I think the world we are living in it’s changing too fast and in a negative / bad way … I have the impression that everyone is more end more greedy … they want more and more of the others belongings/assets and this is why we have so many poor people and in the same time other people don’t know what to do with their money on what to spend them.”

“you’re right… “ I said, “ I mean you can see at TV a lot of different consequences of this people actions …. They think only about  themselves and don’t care if the men next to him is dieing of hunger while he is spending money on a Jacuzzi. But what can you do this is the 21th century …. A century of wars and disaster , civil wars and political fights.”

“we have a terrible fate …. And a future colored in tones of gray and black. But this will happened if we continue in this way”, she said full of sadness in her voice. She continued “you know that story ….?..... that story I mean it’s more a legend or a myth I don’t’ know exactly “

“oh well … go one …. Tell me …. Hihih…!”

“it’s said that a very long time ago was a goddess of the a forest in an unknown lend  , she was called Goddess Miara. She was a very beautiful woman … her face was white like milk, her lips red like blood, her eyes green like fresh grass, her hair curly and red like play-full/frisky  flames of fire . She was indeed a true beauty …. with those wild forest flowers in her red hair and her vaporous and elegant dress that revealed her tiny/small ankles that were ornate with flower or leaf bracelets … she was walking every day to see how things are going on her territory. Under her “command” was a small village witch she protected from the dangerous animals and monsters of the magic forest. Everyone loved and worshiped her. But there was a rule : they could hunt free in the forest and cut all the trees that they need except one. That tree was a magic willow, very old …. This tree was the heart of the forest and all the animals were born in this place. Because of it’s age(s of living) it was also very big and from it’s wood you were able to make the most powerful perfume mankind ever seen, this perfume could enslave and obey every man on earth . One day  a young man was walking threw the forest thinking at his love and how he will never be whit her because of her parents requests he was walking with no direction and he arrived at the lake where it was the magic willow. He laid down under the big branches of the tree and look at the sun threw the leafs …. And suddenly he raised up… he finally got an idea. he didn’t wait a minute and went back to the village …. When he got back in his right hand he had an ax(topor). While he was bringing down the magic willow , the tree started to cry with big tears but in silence so that no one could hear it. When the young man finished to cut the tree he made a very big fire and put all the wood in the fire so it could transform into drops of perfume…. After this he went back to the village and by perfuming himself he obeyed all the people and married whit his love. When the Goddess Miara found out what happened he punished him by transforming him and all the villagers into trees. In this way she taught them a lesson about how we shouldn’t think only about ourselves …. And about what greed lends to.”

“oh it’s a very beautiful story … would you tell me another one please ….!”

“oh no…!”she said and then she started to laugh “it’s too late for another one … let’s go and see a movie I have a new one and I bet you haven’t saw it “.

“fine but tomorrow you will tell me another story … as beautiful as this “

“ok just stop begging me … !”

“hihihih …. Let’s go ….”      

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