My Bugs Life


When I woke up in the morning I realized that I have been changed into a cockroach. “This horrible change impacts my entire life and my family and friends” I said to myself. “It can’t be real” I said in my mind.” How can it happen?” When I looked in the mirror and saw myself I fainted. After I regained consciousness, I looked at my reflection motionless with no feelings and said, “Disgusting. It can’t be real; maybe it is just a dream,” and I fell asleep again. I fell into a deep sleep, until my sister entered in the room and started to scream loudly. Rapidly, I woke up and I joined her in screaming because it wasn’t a dream; it was real.

I realized that I could not speak. Nobody could hear what I was saying. It was horrible. Now the only person I could talk was me. I tried to write on a paper but I couldn’t hold the pen. My legs were too hairy and dirty, and from my mouth a sticky liquid drained that spread all over my body.

 This horrible change impacted my entire life. My connection with family friendship has been interrupted to silence. I wasn’t accepted any longer by my family. They rejected me. My only true friend is God. Only God is beside me and has never forsaken me. Even if my family and my friends forget me, even if I am rejected by them, there is someone, somewhere that loves me unconditionally. The days finished with this hope in my mind.

           The next day came to visit at me the chief of the zoo who heard about me, and I decided to go with him. Now I am appreciated by the thousand of tourists who came to

visit me. “The largest cockroach in the world” – this news circled all over the world from all types of mass media. I am famous. I have a shelter, food, and everything I want to

survive. If someone told me that I would become a cockroach, I wouldn’t believe it. But if someone told me that I would also become a tourist attraction I would tell him that he is out of his mind.

In my conclusion, if someone judges that you are useless and you can’t do anything, don’t give up. Try to see the positive side of your life and, with a “little help,” you’ll become someone appreciated and respected by others.

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