Happyness is something you couldn’t buy. It cannot be expressed through words, the feelings being those who communicate the happyness. I think happyness is ubiquitous, but it must be uncovered. It exists in every person, in every invented thing, in every smile someone could offer to you. Some persons experience many shortcomings during their lives, but do not forget to smile and enjoy every moment.

        Nevertheless, many people say happyness is relative, it only counts what we live, either happyness or bitterness. But how could we think positively if there is not enev a bit of happyness in everything? Universe’s main law is represented by the attraction (gravity). If we think positively, we attract the good things. We think about wellness, we definitely could achieve it if our wish is strong enough and we believe in it. To a certain extent there is something true, saving that the poles of the same kind repel each other. And how long it will take until they will attract each other?? It could take an eternity and like that we’ll never be happy. Therefore many persons live according to the “carpe diem” principle, but in my opinion, this is not the optimum solution that leads to happyness. Living every moment like the last one cannot conduct to something good, because every second is followed by another one and another one…until our death. You have no idea about what’s next, because each moment depends on the one lived before. Every second must be lived moderately, so that we could enjoy all the pleasant moments that intervene in our lives. You’ll never ever know how astonishing will be the next instant. That is why our limit as humans must be esteemed. Let’s enjoy every sight, every smile, every sunrise and, why not, a blouse that we just bought. And we will certainly be happier than on day ago.


Usually, happyness is associated to love. This is not something concrete, because that would mean a limitation of the happyness and if someone can’t find the life partner, its half, then he would be absolutely unhappy, only for this very good reason. The love inducted happyness is relative, it may exist sometimes only at the beginning of the relationship, when either of the partners amazes the other one with every move he makes, but, at the same time, the feeling of love could disappear thus intervening the habit, which sometimes causes unhappiness. It is true, many people allege they would be happy and are satisfied with a certain situation or close their eyes in front of the evidence. Why are they doing that though? Maybe out of habit or fear of the loneliness, we hang up of an ideal which actually do not exist, maybe we lie to ourselves beautifully sometimes…

        The happyness doesn’t reduce itself only to love, it exists in everything around us day after day. We don’t lack anything, we have the impression that we found happyness, but still there is something that makes us unsatisfied…we’re unhappy.

        Not only the rich are happy, because having too much money they will be worried about. Not even a scholar is happy for the discovery he has made, because it will always need new improvements. A simple person could be the only happy one? Just because he is glad he is not unemployed and thus he can take care of his family and the sun will shine again tomorrow in their lives? Reasons to be really happy...we cherish every second we transform into happyness, the waiting is conducive to failure many times! The small joys in our lives make us smile every day.

        The happyness is up to us, it’s our way of life. We have delightful moments which offer pleasant sensations and favor the appearance of  the happyness, but it’s necessary to be fully aware of those moments in order to have access to happyness.

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