Jurassic Park


      Steven Spilberg the men that made renowned moveies like Jurassic Park(1993),The war of the worlds(2005),E.T.(1984),and anothers movies.

He was born on December 12-th 1946 in Cincinatti SUA.

  One famous movie that surround the world and gave strong emotion when people watched it was:Jurassic Park.This movie is special because two reasons:

  First because it seem very real,the animal(dinosaurs) are real,reality interweave with fiction perfectly.

   Second because he create by this movie a thing that most people believe that was disapeared long,long time ago.In fact the movie show us what can happend when the animals created by men(in laboratory) escape and the life of men are in danger.

   Subject of this movie(Jurassic Park) seem simly but very atractive.It passed four years from inefective tentaive to create a park populated with dinosaurs in Nublar Island.But John Hammond do not loose the time and now he testimony to Ian Malcom that exist another island and no body knows about it.In this island dinosaurs were created for first time.In this island dinosaurs survived and grown up in workshop B in Serena island.Now Hammond is anxious to show him creation to everybody.

  Before to show to people him creation Malcom gather a reserch team to visit island and see the truth about dinosaurs.When the team arrive on island the team discover a group lead of Hammond nephew that have another goal but no scientific.The group members want to capture the dinosaurs and sold them to one amusament park in San Diego.

  In this time a energy break happened and the team had problems with the dinosaurs.Now tha movie is one struggle between men and dinosaurs.Who will escape,who will win the war?May be intelligence or the size?The dinosaurs are very clever and surprise the team few time.In fact escape just few members of the team.The others are died or ate by dinosurs.The movie have and fun moments, when a dino sneezes a boy says:”bless”.

The movie finish and watcher can realize that everything was just one movie about old time and disapeared animals:dinosaurs.This movie must watch,watch and watch...




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