Present simple:

To read:  A:  I read 43 pages usuly

N: I don’t  read 43 page usually.

I:Do you read 43 pages usually?

I-N: Don’t uou read subtitle of mouvie ?


To do:  A:I do song every week

He doesn’t do song every song

Do you do song every week?

Don’t you do your song?

to write: Every day I write 3 pages

I dosen’t write 4 pages every day

Do you write yor homeworks?

Don’t you usually write in this day?


To go: I go to school every day

She don’go to school every day

You go to to schools every week?

Don’t you go to football every week-end


to knows: I knows you brother because I se he every day

I dan’t knowif the cinema is open every week

Do you know if yor brother works every day?

Don’t you lnow if  Izza does shee’s homeworks every day?

to eat: Eery day I eat an orange

He doesn’t eat he’s breakfast every day

Do you eat to day?

Don’ you usually eat in the evening?

To see:I see you every day

I don’tsee him do day

do you see me every day?
don’t’ you see him often?

to undersand: I understand the lason every day

He don’t understand the lasson every day

Do you are understand the lason every day?
don’t you undersatand the  lason every day?

To come: She come to me every day

She don’t to come me evry day

You come to me evry day?
Don’t you come to me evry day?

to make:I make my homeworks every day

She don’t she’s homeworks evry day

Do you make your homeworks every day?
don’t make your homeworks every day?





Pressent continous:


To read: I am  reading now

She is not reading the magasne now

What she reading now?
Aren’t you reading the book now?


To do: She’s doing she’s homeworks now

You are not your homeworks in this moment

What are you doing now?
Aren’t you doing you homeworks now?

To write:I am writhing a 2 pages now.

She is writng now

What are you writing in this moment?
Aren’you write yor song now?

To go: he is going to school now

My brother is not going to school now

Where are you going now?
Isn’t he going to cinema now?

To know:She is knowing that she must doing she’s homeworks now

dan is not knowing why we must waithing he now

What are you knowing now?
Isn’she knowing shes boy friend are in the hospital now?


To eat: He is eating now

She isn’eating she’s brakefast in this moment.

What are you eating now?
Aren’t you eating now?

To see: I’m see you now

In this moment she is not seeing him

What area you see now?
Aren’t you see your mather now?

To understand: I,’understandt6he lason now

I am not understand youin this moment

What are you aunderstand now?

Aren’t you understand the lason?

To come: I am coming at in to day

He is not coming to school

What are coming to me to day?
Aren’t you coming at your friend now?

To make: I am macinkg shopping now

He are not macking foods now

Are you macking your homeworks now?
aren’t tou machik your food in this moment?


Present perfct simple

To do : HE has alredy does his momeworks

I have not does homeworks get

Has  he does he’s foods yes?

Haven’t you alredy foes your foods?


To eat: He has allredy eated

He has not eated yet

Have you allredy eated?
Hven’t tou allredy eated


To go: y have just go to cinema

She hasn’t goed to school yet.

Have you allredy goed to scool?
Haven’t you allredy doed to school?

To knows:I have allredy knowed that you lied me

I just haven’t knowed that she is my sister

Have you allredy knowed who is your mather?
haven’t you knowed yed that Izza is yousister?

To read:  I have allredy readed a magazine

He hasn’t readed the book yet

Have you allredy readed this book?
haven’t you allredy readed the book?

To see: I have just seen the mather

He hasn’t seen the mather yet

Have you seen the sister yet?
Hasn’t he seen allredy the movie?

To write: I jave just written my homeworks

I  haven’t writed my homeworks yet

Have you allredy writed your homework?
Hasen’t tou writn my homework yet?

To understand: I have understanded what are you write

I  haven’t allredy understanded what you say

Have you allredy yndestanded the lasson?
Have’t you  understand the lasson yet?

To comme: I have just commed to you

He hasn’t commed to you yet

Have you allreduy comed to me?
 Haven’t you comed to me yet?


To make: I have  just maked shoping

I haven’t maked my homeworks yet

Have you allredy make your food?
Haven’t you maked your shoping yet?


Simple past tense

To do: I did my homeworks to day

I didn’t do my homeworks yesterday

Did you do tour homeworks yesterday?
Didn’ you do your homeworks yesterday?

To eat:  I eat an whater malon last week

He didn’t eat orange last year

Did you you eat apple yesterday?
Didn’t you eat sherry last week?

To go: I whent to may mather yesterday

I didn’t go to my sister yesterday

Did you go to your brother yesterday?
Didn’t you go to your mather yesterday?

To knows: I knew that you like her yesterday

I didn’t know that you like me yesterday

Did you know that I lied you last week

Didn’t you know that she lide you last week?

To read: I read a book yesterday

I didn’t read a book to day

Did you read thas magazine last week?
Didn’t you read the book last week?

To see: I saw him yesterday

I didn’t him yesterdat

Did you see him last year?
Didn’t you see  him last summer?

To write: I wrote my homeorks yesterday

I didn’t write my homeworks yesterday

Did you write your homeworks last year?
Didn’t you write the latter yesterday?]

to understand: I understood what you tell me yesterday

I didn’t understand what you tell me yesterday
 did you understand  what the techer say yesterday?

Didn’t you understand what she tel you last week?

To comme: I come to you yesterday

I didn’t come to you yesterday

Did you comme to him last week?
Didn’t you come to us last week?

To make: I made my homeworks yesterday

I didn’t make my homeworks last week

Did you make your homeworks last week?
didn’t you make your homeworks yesterday?

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