I was walking down the road when I saw a young man in front of me. He was looking at a flower. He was so absorbed in what he was doing that he didn’t notice me.

       There was something strange about him, judging from the way he was moving his head and from the clothes he was wearing.

       While he was collecting some flower seeds I took his photo. It was obvious that he didn’t expect it. By the way he looked at me I understood he was an alien. It was a bit of shock for me. I couldn’t move or shout for help. I was just standing in the path, looking at him while he was slowly approaching me. Then I noticed his friendly face and encouraging smile.

        He was tall, thin and with long hair. He had 4 fingers on left hand and he was holding in his right hand the flower seeds and a purse with candies.

        I looked at him nicely while he was coming to me giving the purse. I took a candy. I thanked him and I asked him what was he doing on Earth. He told me he arrived here accidentally, but he liked very much, specially the flowers. His flower seeds were the present from his friends. While he was talking he pulled out from his jacket a photo with his family.

         But he was in a hurry so we said goodbye quickly. I saw him leaving and I couldn’t believe that I met him. 

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