The nature & objectives of our business


The company “Black Cyprus Software” that we intend to found will activate mainly in the IT area providing the following services:

         3d design:

1.      designing 3d projects of houses, parks and other architectural places

2.      3d advertising clips

3.      3d plug-ins for different software

4.      other 3d applications on request

5.      designing the 3D graphics part of games on request

         web design of sites on request


1.      configuring networks

2.      establishing security systems for networks

         account  applications

For the beginning we shall activate only in the 3d design &web design area. The other departments will be created in the following years.

We graduated from the Faculty of Automatics of the Technic University. The knowledge gained there will be vitally important in our work. We could say that have experience in this area, because we have created the Cyprus player, an application that supports the most media formats.

Our company will be organized as a public limited company.

We think that in a few years we shall be appreciated for the quality of our products and become a serious competitor on a growing market, as it is nowadays in Romania. We will integrate the newest technologies and, also, develop our own technologies for the company’ s activity.



For the beginning the job structure will include the following positions:

-          General Manager of the company

-          Accountant

-          One secretary

-          4 programmers / designers

-          2 guards

-          other positions, established further

The services we provide


The main purpose of our company is, firstly, to provide a large spectrum of IT solutions, as you have seen in the Objectives section. There are a lot of people, companies which need to build houses, headquarters, trade places, etc, so they will come to us and we shall provide 3d project of the requested items. Further on we shall produce software, security systems, web sites, etc. for the first 3 months we shall have an “advertising season” in which our services will cost 50% cheaper. At this moment there aren’t so much companies that deal with similar services. Instead in the software 1

area the competition is rather fierce, represented by Softwin, GeCad, Ciel, Ager and others. We believe that the things we do have a great demand and are very attractive.

We have tested the market and found out that there is a considerable request of this type of services.  We also got in touch with some similar companies in the Western Europe and studied their organizing of the work process. Our customers will be any persons and/or companies, which might need this kind of services. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to you to admire the house of your dreams in 3 dimensions before building it?

Advertising policy


We shall advertise our company firstly in newspapers/ magazines such as

“ Evenimentul Zilei”, “Level”, “Chip”, etc. On the other hand we count on our customers, which could recommend us to other people.



We intend to establish our headquarters in Bucharest, on Calea Dorobantilor Street,

in a rented space that has 200 square meters.

The required equipment


Our business will require 5 graphic stations, printers, scanners, 2 cameras, software licenses, and other important items. The total cost of the equipment could rise up to 400 million lei. The software that we shall use are: Windows, 3d Studio Max, Visual C++, AutoCAD, Visual Basic, Macromedia Flash and others.

Financial profile


The start-up capital will be approximately 900 million lei. 40% of this amount will be provided by us, the rest will come from a one-year loan from a bank. The start-up capital will be spent for the following purposes: 500 million lei – purchasing equipment, 200 million lei – salaries, 50 million – advertising and the rest – space rental. Considering the high request in this market section and promoting an well-organized advertising campaign, we expect a turnover of about 1300 million lei. A part of this sum will cover our expenses, another – capital amortization, developing the business, and paying back the loan. It is possible to expect an annual 20% growing of the income rate. In 2-3 years we estimate to have a 15% market share with an annual growth of 5 percent.

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