My sister visited me the other day, and we found some old box with stuff from our childhood in it.

As a little girl, when I was mad at my parents or my friends, I imagined myself living on an island, all alone like Robinson Crusoe. I kept on whishing that I could go on a cruise and suffer a shipwreck like he did, and that I could find a beautiful little island like his. I had many fantasies about this, and one day, I decided to write them down. I was only seven years old, so writing wasn’t very easy for me. After I made her swear she won’t tell a soul about what she read, I showed these writings to my older sister, who corrected the grammatical mistakes in them, and helped me with the difficult words, too.


         “I would like to tell you about “Perfect-land”, my land. It’s surrounded by a large mass of water and it cannot be approached neither by boat, nor by plane. I have a little house on it, I’d built it all from tree-leaves and branches. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s quite suitable for me. It’s always summertime here, and there aren’t any huge storms which can put me or my house in danger. I have some pets, too. A parrot, a dolphin and two little chimpanzees. My chimps help me a lot with gathering food. They climb the highest palm-trees and bring me the best coconuts there are. My parrot, Coco is just for company, I enjoy watching him fly around, and we talk to each other a lot. I never get bored on my island! When I feel like it, I go swimming in the mild waves of the ocean, and I meet my dolphin friend, Raphaella. We play in the water for hours each day, and we never hurt each other. In the afternoon, I make baskets or clothes out of palm-leaves, with the help of my chimpanzee friends, Michael and Georgie. They gather palm-leaves for me. At night, Michael and Georgie watch over my sleep, so there isn’t anything I have to worry about. We are all extremely fond of each other, and we all know that our friendship will last through ages!”


Looking through these short stories I see myself being 7 years old, writing about my most important dream. I think it’s interesting to look back at my thoughts from that early period of my life, and see the world through the daring imagination of the child version of myself. Although it happened a long time ago, we both remember these times like it was yesterday and we often tell about these stories to our children, too.      

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