A trip to the river

              It was a sunny day in July when I decided to go camping with my friends from the karate club and stay three days at the with river. The place that we were supposed to meat was the club. When my father and I arrived there, we had nowhere to stay. The place was full of backpacks. We were so many that we had to go to the ship two kids in a car. I stood in the car with Alex and another kid whose name was Alex also.

                 When we arrived at the ship, we saw three stores who shelled toy guns. Two of my friends had bought them some guns. After waiting ten minutes, we went into the ship and so began our journey to the river. The ship was fast so it only took us a half of hour to the whit river. When we arrived, the ones who had tents started fixing them and the rest of us accommodated in a hotel. We went for a swim, we made a fire and after that, we played football. Alex and I went in to our rooms and eat something and so did the rest of the boys.

                    Alex and the rest of the boys played football again but I didn’t wanted to play anymore. After that, the coach sanded us to collect wood for the big fire the we were going to make at night. After we finished collecting the wood, Alex and me had played cards. At night, we stud in the tent and told jocks.

                      At about ten o’clock, we wanted to make the fire but it wasn’t burning. After ten minutes of waiting, the coach finally made the fire. The fire stopped burning at twelve o’clock, but we still didn’t go to bed. We went in the tents and told horror stories.

                       After that, we ate something and finally went to sleep.

                       When we woke up, we saw that it was raining. When the coach had seen that the rain didn’t stop he called the ship and he told us to pack our bags. At the moment the ship arrived we took our backpacks,we walked into the ship and we started the journey home. 

                          When we were at the half of the way home, the sun started to shine and we regret going, but there was no way of coming back.

                             In the way home all of my friends had bought toy guns.

                              Therefore, ends a splendid trip that was ruined by the rain.    

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