What can I say about this text?Well,in my expectation “THE GIFT OF THE MAGI” by O.HENRY is a valuable creation of this writer.Thanks to its content, of its remarkable characters and not at last because of its hidden meanings, this text it’s a very representative creation for the English Literature,and that`s why I can say I really like it.                                                                                                                                                        

                     With a symbolic title,”THE GIFT OF THE MAGI” presents us the spiritual wealth of two inloved youngs named Della and Jim.In fact,if you read with attention the whole text,you will realize that the real magi are even those two lovers.The atmosphere illustrated on route is one full of love and of other beautiful feelings like:kindness,generosity,all these being specific to this period of the year,Christmas.On a closer look about the text I realized that the whole creation,each sentence is full of significance.                                                                                                                                                                                                

                      As we all know,Christmas is the celebration of the gifts ,the period when everyone gives presents to the ones they love.But,what can you do when you don`t have enough money to buy a present for the one you love?This is a real problem,which Della and Jim are confronting with.All they have is their great love,that they care each other,and nothing else.I can say that this text is giving us a lesson of life,a story which,I think,it can happen in real life,in our days.Only true love can make such a sacrifice like the one Della did.Very decided and sure of the love she felt for Jim,Della goes to seel her long and beautiful hair and that`s why she askes:Will you buy my hair?”And so,she manages to seel her greatest treasure with a wises purpose.If Della seels her hair,Jim too is renouncing at something which it's his to manage to buy a present,a beautiful one.All he wants is to see his wife happy.

                     And that`s why he sold his watch to get Della the chops,but there was a problem.Della didn`t have the same long and beautiful hair to put the chops on.In spite of this,the two young lovers are being optimistic:”My hair grows so fast,Jim!”Their acts are impressing not only us,the readers ,but also the characters ,who seem to be surprised and very pleasant impressed by what they did one for the other.                                                                                

                       As we all know and as the author sais “the magi were wonderfully wise- men who brought gifts to the Babe in the manger.They invented the art of giving Christmas presents.”In my expectation the main characters of the text,Della and Jim ,are the magi who we can meet in real life.At the same time,they impress us through their spiritual splendor and abundance.Analyzing,I realized that the text “THE GIFT OF THE MAGI”ilustrates a new sense of the presents celebration,Christmas,a new sense of being a magi and why not a new sense of love,generosity,or of being inloved.


And I say that because I sincerely believe that no matter who you are,you can also became a magi,with only a condition:you have to love and to be willing to do any sacrifices for that special person that you love.So,respecting this conditions,you,me or anybody else can be considered a magi.I think it's a great thing for you to be seen like a man who is willing to do good and special things,and to continue the art of giving presents.By definition the human being is capable of loving.Making those sacrifices to manage in the end to buy a present,Della and Jim are proving each other their great love,the streight of this beautiful feeling.

                       Selling her precious hair,Della demonstrates to all us that the power of love,the desire to show Jim how much she cares about him is more deep and more important than anything else.

                       These characters are wisest and kindest,although in appearance they seem only “two foolish children”Their gesture is unique and because of it Della and Jim are those who deserve all our admiration.

                       This text it's a beautiful creation that amplifys the significance of gifts celebration-Christmas.All we have to understand is that it doesn`t matter what we give.What is important is that the present must be given from our heart,with all the beautiful feelings we have.At the same time,Della and Jim are proving us that even the poor people can have a beautiful Christmas.A celebration not full of material things and of wealth,but a celebration loaded with love and generosity.Because this is what Christmas is :the moment of the year when we all forget about the usual and we have the chance to prove to our friends,parents or lovers and not at least to show God all the love and the kindness that we are capable of.

                        Only love can make everything seem beautiful,only she can make your Christmas happy.Because if “love doesn`t exist,nothing else exists!”

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