Healthy life


   Humanity are nowadays taken by assault by different dangers that can cause diminution of  life hope.If 100 years ago the life hope was 80-90 years ,our times it diminished at 60-70 years and unfortunately there are countries where life hope is 40-50 years due to a poor manner of life or to various epidemics.

  The notion of healthy life becomes more and more discussed including aspects as a healthy mind and healthy body.To reach the level where one can consider as a healthy person,one should create the balance in his/her life,practice a correct alimentation,have time for oneself,combine fun with obligation,keep fit by practicing sport.

  Personally,I am strongly in favour of changing my lifestyle to keep healthy.Health means for me most inportant value in my life so that it isn’t so difficult to respect some rules to be a healthy person.

 Firstly,sport became an important part of my life.I’ve been practicing taekwon-do for two years now and it helps me to keep fit and release stress accunuled during the day.I pesonally noticed that these two years I became a more orderly person so that now I can solve my problems easier than before and keep my concentration for more time.By practicing sport I strongly believe that I’m preventing heart diseases that aren’t really inexistent in my family medical history.Sport helps me to keep my mind and body health.

 Secondly, I tryed by myself to change my diet.I replaced a lot of foods dangerous for my health with another that are recomended to keep healthy and fit.Fast- food is almost inexistent in my diet,I avoid soda as possibly because I know it is extremely dangerous for digestive sistem.I eat a lot of vegetable and fruits and my taste changed according to my diet,so that I’d rather prefer to eat spanac than fries potatos even though I knew both were healthy.I’m strongly in favour of ecological food that is not only healthy but delicious.In this respect I am a lucky person,because I grew up in the country and my entire life I eat naturally produced food beginning from fruits to meat.My family still live in the country and a lot of aliments are produced in our own housekeeping.

  I try to be a well-balanced person so that I try as possibly  to repect my biological watch.I eat three times a day at regulary hours due to my schedule.One thing that I’m not so proud to say is that I dn’t sleep always as much as shoud,but I try to programme my sleep hours so that my body doesn’t feel the sleep lack.

 As frequent as I can I leave the town aglommeratin and pollution and go to the mountain,where my family lives,to breath some fresh air and forget stress.

  All in all I think to be healthy some effort is necessary,but the health isn’t only for oneself,the health is for the persons who one cares for.

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